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Meet the Stettyn Team

A small team of dedicated wine farmers, guided by winemaker JM Crafford, has combined a “quality first” approach with innovative winemaking and is rapidly transforming Stettyn Cellar into a progressively marketed and sought after wine venture.

A Proud Heritage…

The farm on which Stettyn Cellar is situated, is steeped in history and tradition dating back to 1714. In that year, Governor Chavonnes of the Dutch East India Company ceded the original farm to Free Burghers Cloete and Radyn, whose ancestors originated from the Stettin area, in the former Prussia. The Cape Dutch homestead, which dates back to 1777, was the original house occupied by the first permanent settlers. It was restored and is now a National Monument.

Stettyn was acquired by the Botha family in 1818 and has been in the family for 8 generations. The Stettyn Cellar itself was established in 1963, with the vineyards of Stettyn, Jonkersrivier and De Hoek being the primary sources of production and where the tradition of wine making dates back many years.

Stettyn se geskiedenis dateer terug na die jaar 1714 toe die plaas Stettyn deur die Goewerneur van die Kaapkolonie, Mauritz Pasques de Chavonnes, aan Jan Cloete en Jan Jurgen Radyn toegeken is.

Daar word geglo dat Radyn oorspronklik van Stettin was.  Opdragte aan die vroeë setlaars is deurgegee, vir die plant van bome vir hout-, graan- en vrugtebome, sodat hulle die reisigers in die binneland kan voorsien. Die lieflike ou eikebome staan nog trots voor die Kaaps-Hollande herehuis; en die ou meul, met sy massiewe meulsteen, nogsteeds in werkende toestand.

Stettyn lê in ‘n asemrowende vallei tussen Villiersdorp en Worcester. Uitgestrekte wingerde word omring deur majestueuse berge, wat ‘n mens op die voorstoep van die proelokaal kan bewonder.

Meet The Team


Sarel Meyer


Sarel Meyer is the captain of our ship and likes to watch Obi-Wan Kenobi!


The Cellar Team is very professional, hardworking and love working with their hands. They are creative and talented group of individuals.

JM Crafford


Likes watching Formula 1


Ronwan Griffiths

Assistant Winemaker

A big fan of our Cappuccino


Danielle Kriel


A fun lady who loves theatre and dramatic arts


Andre van Breda


A stylish young man who loves playing dominos


Lorraine Viljoen

Export Sales

A fabulous lady who loves music and singing


Anja Kramer

Tasting Room Manager

Loves tea and sushi


Ninke Marais

Online Sales and Marketing

Loves admiring flowers


Annelien Loubser

Local and Trade Sales

A loving lady who is a Sauvignon Blanc fan


Seila Rapatsinyane

Tasting Room Assistant

Bursts with friendliness and loves spending time with her furry children


Gabriel Dees

Tasting Room Assistant

Loves to watch sports


Justin Hendricks

Tasting Room Assistant

Raps in his free time


Cullen Van Der Linde

Tasting Room Assistant

Always the first with an intelligent question

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