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This champagne bag, blending leather and canvas, is robust and fashionable, ideally suited for carrying 4 bottles of sparkling wine with ease.

Perfect for elegantly transporting your preferred champagne (or gin) to any gathering, this carrier bag also stands out as a superb gift for lovers of sparkling wine.

Featuring the distinctive floral Madge pattern, reminiscent of springtime blossoms and the floral notes in Madge Gin, this exquisite bag is more than a carrier; it makes a statement.

Order your Madge Champagne Bag (4 bottles) now for delivery all over South Africa.

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Embrace the seamless combination of aesthetics and utility with our Madge Champagne Bag. Constructed from premium leather and canvas, this bag is specially designed to safely accommodate up to 4 champagne bottles.

Not just a practical item, this champagne carrier bag showcases the unique Madge pattern, evoking the essence of spring and the delicate floral nuances found in Madge Gin, making it a fashionable and functional accessory for all your celebrations.

STrust in the reliability and elegance of this champagne bag for any special occasion. Also available in a larger size – Madge Champagne Bag for 6 bottles.

Material & Construction:

Fashioned from top-tier South African leather and canvas, this stylish champagne bag exudes quality and elegance.

Compatibility / use

A champagne wine bag specifically designed to hold up to 4 champagne bottles, with a floral design embodying the essence of Madge Gin in its design. Alternatively use it to safely transport your favourite gin (like Madge gin) and mixers to a gather or event.


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