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A wine aerator can help you experience the full character of wine by enhancing flavour, scent, bouquet and aroma.

Using an aerator for wine can also soften the tannins in young wines by reducing the high levels of carbon dioxide and evaporating volatile compounds like sulfites.

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Traditionally aeration of wine was performed using decanters or the method of swirling wine in a glass prior to tasting. A wine aerator decanter provides immediate aeration for wine upon pouring, by expanding its surface area and providing air circulation.

How to use:

Open the wine bottle and insert the wine aerator into the neck of the bottle. Tilt the bottle to a 45° angle and pour directly into the glass. You will see and hear the air flow aerating the wine as it pours. As the aerator fits directly on the bottle, the process can be done with just one hand.

Order this non-electric wine aerator pourer to experience wine in a new way!

Suitability & compatibility

For red wine or white wine

Fits most 750ml wine bottles

Size & weight

Wine pourer dimensions: 14.5 x 4.3 x 4.3cm

Wine pourer weight: 41g


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