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Join the Stettyn Wine Appreciate Club to access a range of benefits and elevate your wine experience.

Become a SWAC member to unlock special deals and exclusive access to wines, get notified of the latest launches, and enjoy free extras, surprises, and more.

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Share your details and preferences to help us curate offers and experiences that are perfect for you, and unlock an exclusive range of perks.

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What are the benefits of our wine club?

Join our wine club and enjoy exclusive benefits.

By becoming a member, you’re able to enjoy more of your favourites from our wine ranges, or shop exclusive releases (such as The Deed and Shackleton Old Vine Chenin Blanc), unlock free passes and surprises, and be the first to know about launches, releases, limited-time deals, and more.

Learn more about the benefits of our wine club membership below and sign up online!

pouring wine into glass at wine club gathering at Stettyn Cellar

Free sign-up

Sign up for free using the form above to become a member of our wine club, or schedule a recurring delivery of at least one case via Subscribe & Save to become a member automatically.

Exclusive discounts

  • 10% OFF when you spend R1000 – R2999
  • 12% OFF when you spend R3000 – R4999
  • 15% OFF when you spend R5000+

Exclusive wines

Members get access to exclusive wines including Shackleton Old Vine Chenin Blanc and The Deed, when visiting us for a tasting or purchasing from our online shop.

Birthday Surprise

Members enjoy a special birthday surprise.

FREE Mountain and Trail (MTB) day pass.

We encourage our wine club members to visit us for a mountain biking experience in our breathtaking surroundings.

Latest updates

You’ll be notified of special deals reserved for SWAC members only, and be the first to know about launches, releases and other special events before anyone else.

How to activate our wine club’s perks and benefits:

Simply complete our registration form online to start enjoying the range of perks and benefits our wine club membership offers.

Customers having scheduled a recurring delivery of at least 1 case of wine from our range automatically become SWAC members. Learn more about our wine subscriptions.

Sign up and become a SWAC member to unlock the benefits of our wine club today.

Join our wine club - Open to members across South Africa

Stettyn Wine Appreciation Club (SWAC) is a wine club open to members from across South Africa.

Whether you’re based in the Western Cape or further afield, you can join our wine club online and start enjoying the benefits of your membership right away.

Sign up to become a member of our wine club today.

Frequently asked questions about wine clubs

A wine club is a subscription-based service that offers members regular shipments of wine, often with additional benefits such as discounts, exclusive access to new releases, and invitations to wine-related events. These clubs provide a convenient way for wine enthusiasts to explore a wide range of wines, including rare finds and boutique selections.

At Stettyn Cellar, our wine club, SWAC, elevates this experience by tailoring selections to your taste preferences and offering unique perks like birthday surprises, member-only discounts, and free delivery on select orders. Joining SWAC is not just about receiving wine; it’s an invitation to join a community of wine lovers and enjoy curated experiences that deepen your appreciation for fine wines.

Joining a wine club offers the opportunity to expand your wine knowledge and palate through curated selections delivered to your doorstep. It’s an ideal way to discover new wines, learn about winemaking techniques and regions, and enjoy the convenience of having wines selected by experts according to your preferences and interests.

At Stettyn Cellar, our wine club goes beyond exploration. SWAC members gain access to exclusive wines, enjoy special discounts, and receive personalised offers tailored to their tastes. Sign up for SWAC and start enjoying a world of benefits crafted just for you.

Becoming a wine club member typically involves signing up through the winery or business’s website, by filling out a registration form detailing your preferences. This process allows the club to pair you with wines that suit your preferences and provide other member-exclusive benefits such as discounts, access to new releases, and invitations to special events.

Our wine club offers a range of benefits and you can register for free online. With just a few clicks, you can start enjoying exclusive offers, wines and other advantages.

In South Africa, the wine club membership fees can vary widely depending on the club’s personalised offerings and benefits, and sometimes its exclusivity.

Wine club memberships can range from a few hundred rand to upwards of R1000 per month. Some of these costs are attributed to tailored wine subscriptions a member can enjoy every month, and other benefits a member may receive.

Our wine club is free to join, or you can schedule a recurring subscription of at least one case from our wine range and become a SWAC member automatically.

If you’re experiencing issues with form submission, it’s likely because you already have an account with us. Please navigate to the account section, log in with your existing credentials, and try filling out the form again

If you’ve forgotten your password, you have the option to reset it yourself. Alternatively, you can contact us directly for assistance with resetting your password.

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