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Subscribe & Save: 15% Off with our Wine Subscriptions


Get up to 15% off our wines with our wine subscriptions. Plus, you’ll automatically become a SWAC member when you place your first scheduled order, allowing you to enjoy additional benefits such as free gifts, exclusive wines and deals, and a free wine tasting.

Find out how it works below, and shop now.

How Our Wine Subscription Works

Follow these 4 easy steps to Subscribe & Save:

1. Select your wine

Shop for your favourite wine and view your cart for subscription options, or, when browsing a particular wine, select a subscription option.

2. Choose frequency

Decide how often you would like to have your case of wine delivered and enjoy discounts ranging from 10-15%.

3. Complete your order

Check out and relax. Your first scheduled delivery will be dropped off at your door soon!

4. Customise your subscription anytime

You can edit, cancel or change the frequency of your subscription whenever you like.

Subscribe & Save Now

Take a look at our different wines below and select your favourite one to get started.

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or subscribe and save up to

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R570 R475
or subscribe and save up to

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or subscribe and save up to

What are the benefits of our wine subscription?

Our subscribers can save up to 15% while they are treated to their favourite wines every month, 2 months, or 3 months depending on their preference.

But the benefits don’t stop at great wine and savings! Subscribing also gives you access to other benefits, discounts and more through our SWAC membership (which you’ll be signed up to for free automatically).

Up to 15% off

Subscribers get discounts on our wines depending on the frequency at which they want wine delivered. The discounts include:

Every month (15% off)
Every 2 months (12% off)
Every 3 months (10% off)

Automatic SWAC Membership

When you’ve signed up for your first scheduled delivery, you’ll get a SWAC membership too!

This will give you access to a range of extra benefits, which you can learn more about on our Wine Club page.

Exclusive wines & deals

We reserve exclusive wines and deals for our wine club members.

Upon activating your first subscription order you will become a SWAC member automatically and get access to these perks and more.

Schedule your wine subscription today

Like what you’ve seen? Then it’s time to get started. Just click the button below to shop now — select your favourite case of Stettyn wine and choose your subscription.

Become a SWAC member

The Stettyn Wine Appreciation Club is open to customers based in South Africa. Members gain access to exclusive deals, wines, and enjoy a variety of other benefits.

To join our wine club, you can sign up for free or place your first scheduled order of our wine and become a member automatically.

Frequently asked questions about wine subscriptions & scheduled wine deliveries

The Stettyn Cellar wine subscription service is a convenient way to have your favourite case of wine delivered straight to your door on a regular basis (so you don’t have to leave your home to get the wine you love).

Our subscription service also provides our customers with a range of benefits – from discounts (based on frequency of orders) to automatically being signed up as a SWAC member.

The Stettyn Wine monthly subscription cost will vary according to the wine that you want to have delivered. However, unlike ordering manually every 1-3 months, becoming a subscriber will give you a 10-15% discount depending on how often you want your wine delivered.

If you’d like to find out the exact pricing for the wine you’d like to receive with your subscription, you can take a look at our subscriber wine selections.

Once you have selected your case of wine, you can select from our scheduled delivery options:

  • Every month (includes 12% discount) or
  • Every 2nd month (includes 11% discount) or
  • Every 3rd month (includes 10% discount)
    Once you have selected your scheduled delivery frequency, you can continue to checkout and complete the purchase.

You will be able to see a breakdown of your recurring totals for your subscription.


Upon successful subscription purchase, you will receive an email to set a password for your account.

Once you have set up a password and logged into your account, you can immediately enjoy the benefits of becoming a SWAC member!

You can edit your subscription on the My Account page under the Subscriptions tab.

You can view all your subscriptions, edit or cancel them at any time!

You can easily cancel your subscription in the My Account page under the Subscriptions tab.

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